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Mr Rana Das-Gupta is a fully UK accredited NHS Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Warwick University Hospitals, and Cosmetic Surgeon in Private Practice.

Appearing frequently on programmes such as GMTV as a plastic surgery expert, he offers the full spectrum of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery and has recently published papers in the British Journal of Plastic Surgery.

Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon.

Mr Rana Das-Gupta is a fully UK accredited NHS Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon at The Warwickshire NHS Trust. He holds Consultant posts at University Hospital Coventry, Warwick Hospital, George Eliot and Stratford-Upon Avon NHS Hospitals as Consultant Plastic Surgeon. He is also an Honorary Associate Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at the University of Warwick, and is engaged in founding the new Plastic Surgery MSc degree course.

He is Secretary of the West Midlands Plastic Surgery Training committee, and the National Selection committee for plastic surgical trainees, and sits as a member of the GMC (general medical council) appeal panel to review applicants for the UK specialist register. Mr R Das-Gupta is a full member of UKAAPS.

Based in the UK

You might find superficially better prices outside the UK, but that might not include, travel, and hotel costs. Going back for dressings, and checks can be very expensive. If you get a complication, travel might be impossible and the NHS will only cover the emergency treatment, but nothing more. You are also more likely to be unable to check whether the overseas doctors is registered with the correct health authorities.

GP Referaland has the correct insurances and clinic registrations in place to ensure your safety.

GP Referral

A GP referral is not essential, but is always welcome. We would like to write to your GP to summarise the consultation, to keep the GP practise up to date, and to check for any underlying medical issues. We do require a GP referral for BUPA/AXA/PPP insured patients. We do need a GP referral for gender reassignment requests, and a letter from the supervising multidisciplinary team.

Skin Cancer Cases

We will take on all skin cancer cases, and will discuss them in a Multi Disciplinary Team. We will take on Melanoma, Basal Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell carcinoma, including, groin, neck and axillary dissection and parotidectomy, and reconstruction as appropriate.

Breast Reconstruction

We will take on secondary breast reconstruction cases, but do not deal with immediate breast reconstruction any more. We normally offer implant based reconstruction in cases not requiring radiotherapy. We prefer to take on microvascular reconstruction within the NHS, when referred.

NHS Consultants

The advantages of an experienced NHS consultant plastic surgeon

A current NHS consultant will be subject to annual mandatory training, is in touch on a daily basis with colleagues to discuss difficult cases, and is subject to a level of monthly audit (to check complication rates are not too high). These doctors are also often subject to a more careful scrutiny than might be available once that individual has left to work solely in the private sector alone. The opportunity for keeping up-to-date across a broad front of medical practice is much more straight forward for an NHS consultant.

The reason for going to a plastic surgeon rather than any other type of doctor for an cosmetic procedure is because it has been ingrained within the training in specialty of plastic surgery for much longer than in any other field of medicine or surgery. For example if you were to go for a cosmetic consultation with a doctor or nurse or dentist for Botox or Filler or peel treatment, you might be seeing a doctor with a very limited repertoire. The importance of seeing someone whole can offer an opinion about a range or both surgical and non surgical treatment means that a complete aesthetic opinion will be offered.


Breast Augmentation at £2700 – I can get it cheaper overseas

Yes you can, but this involves travel, difficulty with follow up, possible additional expenses for hotels, and followup appointments. It is possible that travel can effect the outcome due to lifting and carrying baggage etc.

How are we able to offer prices that are so competitive?

We use a dedicated based cosmetic surgery hospital, which means that the overheads from providing, other specialist services are removed (ie orthopaedics, neurosurgery, cardiac surgery etc). We use no middle men, minimal advertising, and only have minimal employed staff, independent surgeon, and secretary only.

Do we use high quality breast implants?

With the PIP scandal we use Nagor Impleo or Allergan Naturelle implants (we feel that these are premier implant types), other implants can be chosen or indeed indicated if required, this may affect price.

Does the patient stay overnight?

Yes patients do stay over night in our excellent facilities.


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