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Breast Augmentation

Why go to Europe when you can get high quality plastic surgery at home?

Technically known as Augmentation Mammoplasty, this is our most popular procedure. You might find cheaper prices outside of the UK, but those may not include travel or hotel costs, plus there is the extra cost of having to go back to have your dressings changed, or for checks, or in the case of a complication. With some complications, travel may be impossible, and the NHS will only cover emergency treatment and nothing more. Overseas doctors may also not be registered with the correct health authorities. For these reasons we recommend having the procedure done in the UK.

The procedure takes approximately one hour and it is normally carried out under general anaesthesia to make you sleep throughout. There is very little discomfort, although there may be some post operative swelling. You will be advised to wear a properly fitted support bra night and day for two weeks.

Your new breasts should look and feel completely natural. They will not affect fertility, pregnancy or your ability to breastfeed. After the procedure, most women adapt instantly to their new shape and rarely give a second thought to their implants. As the purpose of the procedure is to make breasts as attractive as possible, the scars are kept as small as possible and made either around the nipple, under the crease of the breast, or in the armpit.


Your best investment is an individual consultation with a surgeon you trust. Cosmetic Surgery is usually a life-time investment. Cheaper is not necessarily better or even as good. Our patients are treated as individuals, and costs do vary from person to person dependant on their individual needs. However, the total cost of your procedure will be quoted at the consultation, fully inclusive with no hidden extras. Prices start at £2700 and for Allergan Naturelle or Nagor Impleo implants, and the hospital overnight stay is included in this price.

For more information, please see our procedures page here, or contact us today for a consultation.

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